Goals of the competition:

— Popularize and develop of the classial music heritage
— Attract more children, students, talented youth and non-professional musicians to the music performances
— Find and support gifted young musicicans, help them improve their performance skills
— Exchange techniques of solo and ensemble composing between music teachers and music-lovers

Rules of the competition:

— Videos of competitive performances are accepted from 1 October 2016 to 1 March 2017.
— Assessment of the contestants performances supplied jury from 1 March to 1 April 2017.
— The jury’s decision will be published on the Internet site of the competition «Talent Gallery» to 10 April 2017.
— Prizes, letters will be sent by mail before 30 April 2017 (date of departure).

Competition category:

— Piano
— String instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass.
— Wooden wind instruments: recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone.
— Brass Instruments: french horn, trumpet, alto, tenor, baritone, trombone, tuba.
— Percussion instruments: xylophone, m drum, drums, marimba, timpani..
— Folk instruments: accordion, accordion, guitar, domra, balalaika, mandolin, dulcimer.
— composition
— Improvisation
— Synthesizer
— Duets
— Ensemble (instrumental, mixed, from 3 people)
— Accompaniment art (accompanist in the vocal class in the instrumental class accompanist in the class choreography)
— Teacher-student (students)
— Musician Amateur

The competition is open to all comers.

Age categories:
Category I up 9 years inclusive, up to 5 minutes
Category II from 10 to 11 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 5 minutes
Category III from 12 to 13 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 6 minutes
Category IV from 14 to 15 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 8 minutes
V category from 16 to 19 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 10 minutes
VI category from 20 to 25 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 12 minutes
VII category from 26 to 30 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 12 minutes
VIII category with 31 years and above, up to 12 minutes

The age of participants is determined on March 1, 2017. Age categories for duets, trios, ensembles are defined by the senior party.

The competition program for all age groups, categories and nominations (Except for composition and improvisation)

Any two pieces from different eras and music styles.

Also available a large work (3-4 private sonatas, concerts, trios, quartets, quintets) within the specified time, ± few minutes.

«Composition» Nomination: The contest can be represented by one work of any genre and instrumental composition (solo, duet, instrumental ensemble, a work for chamber orchestra, for voice with accompaniment, choral miniatures). The presence of scores in PDF and MIDI file required. Total time — no more than 5 minutes.

Nomination «Improvisation»: marks one author’s improvisation on any theme music on the participant’s choice, providing an original composition in the note form (in electronic format). You can use the synthesizer as a musical instrument. In the category «Improvisation» can participate duets, trios, ensembles, voice with accompaniment (fee according to the number of musicians). Total time — no more than 5 minutes.

Nomination «Synthesizer»: two diverse works performed with the use of the Auto Accompaniment or a keyboard split into two zones. It is also possible play solo games under minus phonogram or multitrack MIDI-arrangement. It is estimated to possess the ability to improvise and synthesizer resources at runtime (using special effects, orchestral sound, etc.)

For the category «Concertmaster in Ballet class» one song must contain elements of the jump. Total time — no more than 10 minutes.

In the category «Soloists», «Improvisation», «Synthesizer» — all works performed from memory (without music, that is in memory).

In the nomination «Duet», «Ensemble», «Ensemble» teacher-student «,» Accompaniment class «,» Composition «- allowed to carry out works without a hitch. Ensembles may make one accompanist.

You can participate in several categories, each of which is paid for separately.


Online application form is sent directly from the site. To participate in the contest before March 1, 2017 to send the following documents:
— A completed application form Online
— The link to the video (for example:
— The scanned birth certificate or passport page with personal data
— The scanned confirmation of fee payment for participation Money Order 2017
— Contract for the provision of paid services to the physical. or legal. face 2017

IMPORTANT: In the Application you will definitely have to write your e-mail address to which you will receive a diploma or a diploma.
Together with the application you must complete the Agreement for the provision of paid services: blue pen with your signature and address for nat. face, and with a blue stamp and signature of the director on the Grid. face. It is necessary to bookkeeping for reporting to the Ministry of Finance.
Thank you for understanding. (Questions by phone: +7 952 517 19 19).
The contract for the provision of paid services to the physical. or legal. face 2017

Also, the application may be made by mail to the address: 456316, Russia, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, st. Orel, 11, labeled «Internet talent contest Gallery»
To do this, you must send the following documents:
— A completed application form for participation in the contest
— Photocopy of birth certificate or passport page with personal data
— Receipt of payment of the participation fee Money Order 2017
— A disc with video (Questions by phone: +7 952 517 19 19)
— Contract for the provision of paid services to the physical. or legal. face 2017

Requirements for the videos:
Video recording must be made without stopping the camcorder, from the beginning to the end of the participant of competition. I.e. both 2 pieces must be played straight with in one recording and must be presented as one file. No subsequent processing of video and audio recordings is allowed (EQ, reverb, titles, faders, etc.)!
During recording, use «live», natural acoustics of the hall, class or the room. Try to use a good camera for recording.
Hands, tools, and the face of the performer must be visible on the video during the execution of the program.
Videos can be taken at the time of examinations, tests, public and concert performances.
Videos must be posted on YouTube with the following title: International creative online competition — your name, your age, country
Example: International creative online competition — Steve Taylor, 15 years, United States.

The organizing committee reserves the right to publish on the site of the contest any video sent in the order of the Organizing Committee participants. The Organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute (without payment of fee to the participants) video, print and other kind of products produced during the events of the competition and its results. All costs for your participation in the contest are borne by the participants.
The Organizing Committee is not liable to the Participant for loss of documents and other materials and any losses incurred due to actions taken by a Party or a third party.
The Organizing Committee shall not be liable to the bidders for inaccurate or incorrect documents furnished to them.

Registration fee for participation in the competition:

I-IV age group up to 15 years inclusive (art schools, students, music school, desyatiletok-schools, gymnasiums, schools, clubs, palaces)
For soloists, duets, ensemble «teacher-student», «Accompaniment art», «Improvisation», «composition», «Synthesizer» is 1000 rubles (about 15 dollars)
For ensembles (trio, quartet, quintet or more) is 1500 rubles (about 25 dollars) with the ensemble.

V-VIII age group of 16 years (for students of secondary and higher music schools, teachers of primary, secondary and tertiary level)
For soloists, duets, ensemble «teacher-student», «Accompaniment art», «Improvisation», «composition», «Synthesizer» is 1500 rubles (about 25 dollars)
For ensembles (trio, quartet, quintet or more) 2000 rubles (about 35 dollars) with the ensemble.


Chelyabinsk Region Ministry of Finance
(PR Miass GBPOU state college of arts and culture, A / C 20201302156PL)
TIN 7415000219
CAT 741501001
BIK 047501001
p / cq. 40601810500003000001 in the Ministry Finanasov Bank, Branch CHELYABINSK, Chelyabinsk
The entry fee for participation in the competition «Gallery of Talents.»
for payment form — Payment Order 2017
Detailed information on payment by phone: + 7-952-517-19-19 or E-mail:

Other payment methods:





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Contest results:
The results of the competition and current information about the contestants can be found at:

All participants will receive certificates.Winners will receive the awards. Teachers will receive certificates for training a contestant.


Sylvia Rumi, Professor of the Department «Special Piano» Milan Conservatory. J. Verdi, coordinator of the department of keyboard instruments, the winner of national and international competitions.
Milan (Italy)

Gregory Reznikov, Merited Artist of Russia, Professor of the Ural State Conservatory  after M.P. Mussorgsky, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, head of the «Special Piano.»
Ekaterinburg (Russia)

Natatya Rybakova, Merited Artist of Russia, Professor of the Department «Special Piano» South Ural State Institute of Arts after P.I. Tchaikovsky.
Chelyabinsk (Russia)

Stringed instruments
Elena Baskina, Honoured Artist of Russia, Professor, Head of the Department of stringed instruments, Novosibirsk State Conservatory after M.I. Glinka (violin).
Novosibirsk (Russia)

Anna Lauhina, Associate Professor of Violin and Viola Department of the St. Petersburg Conservatory after N.I. Rimsky-Korsakov, laureate of international contests (violin).
St. Petersburg (Russia)

Natalia Alexandrova, Honored Artist of Russia, soloist of Chelyabinsk State Philharmonic (cello).
Chelyabinsk (Russia)

Wind and percussion instruments
Vladimir Shabashov, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, Professor, Head of wind and percussion instruments Voronezh State Institute of Arts (percussion instruments).
Voronezh (Russia)

Vladimir Tarashkevich, Honored Artist of Belarus, Assistant Professor of brass and percussion instruments of the Belarusian State Academy of Music (French horn).
Minsk (Belarus)

Tatyana Zaitseva, Associate Professor, Department of orchestral wind and percussion instruments of the South Ural State Institute of Arts after P.I. Tchaikovsky (saxophone).
Chelyabinsk (Russia)

Folk Instruments
Arkady Burhanov, Honored Artist of Russia, Professor of the Department of Folk Instruments, Novosibirsk State Conservatory after M.I. Glinka (guitar).
Novosibirsk (Russia)

Natalia Korsak, the soloist of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, professor of the department of stringed plucked folk-percussion instruments of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, winner of international competitions (domra, mandolin).
Minsk (Belarus)

Evgeny Mushkin, Professor, Dean of the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory after M.I. Glinka (accordion).
Magnitogorsk (Russia)

Accompaniment art
Karine Minasyan, Associate Professor of Accompaniment and Chamber of training of the Novosibirsk State Conservatory after M.I. Glinka
Mr. Novosibiirsk (Russia)

Composition, improvisation, synthesizer
Valery Skobelkin, Honored Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a member of the Union of Composers and the Republic of Belarus, an assistant professor of composition and head of the department of variety and jazz performance art Ufa State Institute. Zagir Ismagilov.
Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russia)

Pauline Sergienko, assistant professor of theory, music history and composition of the South Ural Institute of Arts after P.I. Tchaikovsky, Ph.D., a member of the youth section of the Chelyabinsk branch of the Union of Composers of Russia.
Chelyabinsk (Russia)

Anton Borodin, Associate Professor, Department of History and Theory of Performance Ural State Conservatory after M.P. Mussorgsky, Ph.D., pianist, arranger.
Yekaterinburg (Russia)

First prize and the title of laureate — 90-100 points
Second prize and the title of laureate — 80-89 points
Third prize and the title of the winner — 70-79 points
Diploma and Advanced Diploma — 60 points
Other participants receive a certificate for participating in the competition.
The number of awards is unlimited.
Diplomas and certificates will be sent out after the publication of the decision of the jury at the address specified in the application.

Organizing Committee:
Tatiana Borina , Chairman of the subject-cyclic commission «Piano» Miassky State College of Arts and Culture, winner of international competitions
Irina Korjova, leading teacher at Miassky State College of Arts and Culture
Andrey Solovyov , Deputy Director, teacher at Miassky State College of Arts and Culture

Contacts and addresses:
Russia, 456316, Chelyabinsk region, Miass, 11, Orlovskaya St.
International creative online competition «Gallery of Talents»

+ 7-952-517-19-19